According to sources, Crown Point Community School Corp (a Education organization in Indiana) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-09-20.

Crown Point schools 2022 ransomware attack cost $1M to resolve

“Crown Point Community School Corp. Superintendent Todd Terrill provided an update during Monday's school board meeting on the cybersecurity breach that occurred last November, causing the school district to cancel classes for one day and ultimately costing the school corporation and its insurance provider about $1 million. “

“According to the superintendent, Crown Point schools discovered someone accessed their networks Nov. 21. They later found out someone first gained access to their system Nov. 17. “

“At first, the school district's technology team found encrypted files on their servers. At that point they took all their systems offline, Terrill said. The school district then retained a third-party cybersecurity specialist who confirmed the breach was a ransomware attack.“

“Terrill said that since the ransom was paid, student and staff information was turned over to the school district instead of being sold online. However, they still had to investigate whether any personal information was accessed in the breach. “

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