According to sources, Belt Railway Company (a Critical Infrastructure organization in Illinois) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-08-11.

Largest switching and terminal railroad in US investigating ransomware data theft

“The largest switching and terminal railroad in the U.S. is investigating the theft of data by a ransomware group. “

“The Belt Railway Company of Chicago — based in Bedford Park, Illinois — is co-owned by six railroad companies in the U.S. and Canada, each of which uses the company’s switching and interchange facilities. “

“Operating about 28 miles of railroads, the company allows its owners to bring their trains to the headquarters where they are separated and reorganized. They also provide services to more than 100 local manufacturing companies that ship products across North America. “

“Christopher Steinway, general counsel of Belt Railway, told Recorded Future News that it recently became aware that “a threat actor group posted on its website that it had obtained certain company information.” “The event did not impact our operations. We have engaged a leading cybersecurity firm to investigate the incident and are working with federal law enforcement,” Steinway said.“

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