According to sources, St. Johns County (a Government organization in Florida) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-10-04.

St. Johns County loses over $1 million to hackers, investigation underway

“St. Johns County is working to get back over $1 million it lost to hackers. Over $600,000 of taxpayer money has been recovered as county law enforcement said it is ramping up its investigation. “

“The scam all started with 1 letter. The county was a victim to a business email compromise. It started in July when the county thought they were talking to and paying DBE Utilities Construction, saying they changed their payment processing. But it was coming from a DOT “CO” email and not DOT “COM.” The county sent a payment of over $500,000. But it wasn’t actually to DBE.“

“Documents show St. Johns County again paid the hackers for a separate payment of over $600,000 in September. But the actual company emailed them saying they hadn’t received any payments. “

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