According to sources, Hillsborough County School District (a Education organization in Florida) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-09-05.

Hillsborough County Schools targeted in cyberattack

“The FBI is now looking into a cybersecurity breach involving the Hillsborough County School District.“

“Last week, the district notified staff and parents about the breach. “

“On Monday, the district confirmed law enforcement was involved, and it had worked “tirelessly” over the weekend with cybersecurity experts to get the impacted systems restored.“

FL: Hillsborough County Public Schools cyberattack claimed by LockBit3.0

“LockBit has added Hillsborough County Public Schools in Florida to their leak site today. They claim to have acquired 2 TB of data, and provide a file list and some sample files. “

“The sample files are routine types of district files. One did contain personal and medically related information on students. The file list suggests there may be a lot of older data in the stolen tranche but not necessarily any student databases with personal or sensitive information. “

““Seems that HCPS do not care about their county’s 270 000 students and 17 000 teachers data. We give them 10 days to consider and we will release all data to public after 3 day auction to sell it private,” LockBit threatens. “

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