According to sources, Unique Imaging, Inc (a Medical organization in Florida) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-05-04.

Unwelcome guest: Trigona ransomware group claims they’ve taken up residence in Unique Imaging’s network

“Unique Imaging, Inc. has three locations in Florida: Aventura, Biscayne, Miami, and Dadeland. If you were to visit their website today, you wouldn’t see any sign of anything amiss, but appearances can be deceiving. A ransomware group claims that they have been living in Unique Imaging’s network for months and helping themselves to patient data at will. “

“DataBreaches first became aware of the situation when the Trigona ransomware group opened a dark web leak site and listed Unique Imaging on it. At the time, there were 76 days left on a countdown clock for the listing with prices listed for an auction of the data. “

“On April 18, DataBreaches emailed Unique Imaging to ask them about the claimed breach. No reply was received. While they didn’t reply to this site’s inquiries, Trigona did. They provided additional proof and data relevant to specific claims they had made. “

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