According to sources, Florida Memorial University (a Education organization in Florida) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2024-04-02.

FMU hit by widespread cyberattack

“lorida Memorial University (FMU), South Florida’s only historically Black college or university, has reportedly fallen victim to a cybersecurity breach by the ransomware group known as INC Ransom.“

“ The specifics of the data compromised during this incident remain uncertain, and the university has yet to issue a formal statement regarding the breach. “

“INC Ransom, identified as an emerging threat since mid-2023, has established a reputation for targeting a diverse array of sectors, including IT, health care, education and government. The group is notorious not only for its encryption and data theft but also for its unique approach to extortion, often threatening to publicize alleged unethical practices by the victim organizations.“

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