According to sources, Henrietta Johnson Medical Center (a Medical organization in Delaware) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-06-29.

Henrietta Johnson Medical Center patients affected by breach at Delaware Health Network

“The Henrietta Johnson Medical Center in Delaware has posted notice that some patient data was involved in a breach at Delaware Health Network (“DHN”). DHN is a healthcare-controlled network provider and electronic health records management provider that provides services to Henrietta Johnson Medical Center (“HJMC”) and other entities. “

“According to HJMC’s notice, DHN experienced a “cyber event” that began on April 5. That incident involved unauthorized access to systems and the copying of certain files. And also according to their notice, to date, DHN has not identified the precise patient data that may have been impacted. Unsurprisingly, then, HJMC submitted a report to HHS on June 27 that indicated 500 patients were affected“

“Based on the information DHN provided to HJMC so far, the medical center says that it is possible the patient data involved full name, date of birth, ethnicity, medical record number, diagnosis code, lab information, and health insurance information. “

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