According to sources, Jeffco Public Schools (a Education organization in Colorado) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-11-02.

Jeffco Public Schools hit by the same threat actors that hit Clark County School District — and via the same way

“On October 31, some Jeffco staff members received alarming email messages from an external cybersecurity threat actor – an individual who has allegedly committed an illegal cybercrime against an institution or organization – indicating a cyber-attack.“

“Jeffco’s Information Technology team is working together with cybersecurity experts and law enforcement to determine the credibility of the attack and scope of the incident.“

“We, SingularityMD have included a few relevant parties directly and a selection of principals on cc. Your overall approach to cyber security is too relaxed. We have illegally accessed your network and downloaded the following: Staff phone, home addresses, title and a few other details. Parent and Student contact information (past and present) – 90,000 students Student school email addresses, emergency contacts name, phone and email, student birthdates – 90,000 students Full backup of your IT project management directory (this includes past and present projects, lots of confidential information and system configurations) Accessed the Follet FTPS from the project management directory and downloaded a full student list (outdated). We already have this through your other systems such as infinite campus. Some financial documents Extracts from Group conversations (Golden HS Staff and Admin > 2000 conversations and files) Full extract of IEP’s (Individualized Education Program) as at 2020“

“The risks of using date of birth as passwords for student accounts has been recognized for years. The CCSD breach has affected more than 200,000 students. The Jeffco one allegedly affects 90,000 students. Both breaches also affect district employees. “

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