According to sources, Stanford Police (a Public Safety organization in California) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-10-12.

Stanford police hacked, system down for more than two weeks

“Stanford police have been hacked and their network remains down, a university spokesman confirmed yesterday (Oct. 10). “

“It’s unclear what files the hackers have accessed, or whether they have made ransom demands. “

“Police spokesman Bill Larson wouldn’t answer questions about the hack, instead emailing a statement. “We are aware of and are investigating a cybersecurity incident at Stanford Department of Public Safety,” he said.“

“That means it has been two weeks since the police department was hacked. “

27,000 affected in Stanford police hack

“27,000 affected in Stanford police hack “

“The hack of Stanford police, discovered in September but not disclosed to victims until Monday, affected 27,000 people, according to a disclosure Stanford was required to file in Maine. “

“Stolen information could include passport numbers, driver’s license numbers, government IDs, digital signatures and “other information the Department of Public Safety may have collected in its operations,” Stanford said. “

“Hackers accessed the Stanford police network on May 12 last year, but Stanford didn’t discover the breach until Sept. 27, the disclosure said. Hackers likely used a fake email to convince a Stanford employee to click a link that encrypted the network’s files and applications, cybersecurity expert Ahmed Banafa said in an interview last year.“

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