According to sources, Prospect Medical Holdings (a Medical organization in California) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-08-04.

Cyberattack Forces Hospitals in 5 US States to Shut Down Emergency Rooms

“Cyberattack Forces Hospitals in 5 US States to Shut Down Emergency Rooms “

“The cyberattack began on Thursday and was directed at institutions owned and run by Prospect Medical Holdings, a renowned healthcare organization with headquarters in California, per AP News. The corporation runs hospitals and clinics in Texas, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. Healthcare facilities in many states are trying to secure their networks and preserve patient data after this sophisticated attack. “

“Prospect Medical Holdings swiftly shut down all systems in reaction to the frightening intrusion to stop further damage. On Friday, the firm announced that it had started a thorough investigation and hired outside cybersecurity experts to determine the origin and nature of the assault. “

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