According to sources, PulsePoint (a Public Safety organization in California) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-07-25.

Life-saving PulsePoint app working again in Cleveland after more than a month offline

“A life-saving app used by citizens and first responders to rescue someone suffering from cardiac arrest was offline in the city of Cleveland for more than a month.“

“PulsePoint crowdsources CPR. It alerts strangers using the app when a need for CPR comes up within a quarter mile of their location, in a public area. The app also maps out the closest AED device. It’s activated by local dispatch centers when a call goes out to EMS.“

“19 Investigates found it was due to a potential cyber security threat. The city of Cleveland told us they got a notice on June 16 concerning the medical priority dispatch (ProQA) software. They disabled the PulsePoint app following an assessment and added security measures.“

“An inside source told 19 Investigates they were very concerned about the app not working and Cleveland was the only city they knew of that turned off the app because of this cyber security threat.“

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