According to sources, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery (a Medical organization in California) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-07-17.

Two California plastic surgery practices suffer cyberattacks and embarrassing patient data leaks

“On June 21, BlackCat (AlphV) threat actors added Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery to their leak site. “We have lots of PII and PHI, including a lot of pictures of patients that they would not want out there,” the listing read. “It be in your best interest to reach out before we release all data. Leak to follow if no contact made.” “

“On July 8, that text was replaced with a different message: “Dr. David Kim and Dr. Eugene Kim does not care about patient privacy. Only fill they pockets with money,” BlackCat claimed in their usual insulting manner. “

“The revised listing was accompanied by a number of screencaps. Not all of the screencaps seem to be internal documentation or typical before and after surgery photos that a plastic surgeon might have in their gallery. A few of the screencaps appeared to be personal photos that would be tagged NSFW (Not Safe For Work). “

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