According to sources, Pacific Union College (a Education organization in California) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-06-06.

Pacific Union College was attacked on March 27. When will they publicly admit personal info was compromised?

““Additional complications relating to the ongoing cybersecurity issue, which has recently affected some of our internal networks, phone systems, and web services. The remainder of the notice provided the status of various types of systems and services and assured the community of updates “as new information becomes available."“

“Several weeks ago, Pacific Union College experienced what we now know was a targeted ransomware attack. Federal authorities were contacted, and other cybersecurity teams were recruited to work with our IT department.“

“They have been diligently working around the clock to mitigate the situation and also to restore and protect our systems for the future. We want to reassure you that we do not have evidence that personal information has been compromised. “

“There have been no updates since then. “

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