According to sources, St. Helena (a Government organization in California) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2024-05-13.

St. Helena limiting services amid cyberattack

“A cyberattack that affected St. Helena city computers and servers beginning early Monday won’t affect most people’s daily routines — but it could slow down a few key things. “

“St. Helena City Manager Andrew Bradley said Monday a cybersecurity team is still determining the affect of a virus that accessed at least 20 computers and a city server leading to a temporary shutdown of services. “

“All city servers and computers have been taken offline as the city’s IT contractor and the North California Computer Crimes Task Force, which includes members of the United States Secret Service and the FBI, investigate, the city said. “

“While the city is concerned over a possible data breach, it operates under a decentralized structure with 25 different systems storing information for specific operations, such as one for handling water bills and another for human resources data. And many of those systems store information in the cloud, which is considered more secure. “

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