According to sources, City of Fayetteville (a Government organization in Arkansas) was hit with a cyber attack. It was first reported on 2023-06-19.

Fayetteville, Arkansas latest city dealing with debilitating cyberattack

“The city of Fayetteville, Arkansas is in the midst of a “suspected cyber incident,” forcing officials to take most digital municipal services offline.“

“The city’s mayor and city council did not respond to requests for comment but the government confirmed the cyberattack in a message on its website last week.“

“Fayetteville is the second largest city in Arkansas with nearly 100,000 residents and is part of the three-county Northwest Arkansas Metropolitan Statistical Area, with more than 575,000 residents. “

“State officials did not respond to requests for comment but in updates on June 12 the city said its email systems are still offline. “

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