Preparing ECC Leadership for Cyber Attacks

In the last 24 months, SecuLore Solutions has recorded 400 publicly reported cyber-attacks to local governments and public safety. With so many attacks now targeting our country’s critical 9-1-1 services, it’s imperative that our Emergency Communication Centers’ leadership be educated on the cybersecurity issues impacting them. In this webinar, we break down leadership’s critical role in preparing for and effectively responding to cyber threats against ECCs.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Public safety cyber attack statistics

  • Understanding your center’s cybersecurity posture

  • Critical training and tools to set you up for success

  • Policies, plans, and practices we recommend

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Cyber-Protecting Our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

At SecuLore, our mission is to cyber-protect our nation’s critical infrastructure. Led by experts in 9-1-1 technology, cyberwarfare, and ethical hacking, our team provides the technology, expertise, and training needed to defend customers from increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.