BYOD & Public Safety: Bring Your Own Doom?

Does your Public Safety agency allow you to bring your own mobile phone, tablet, or other personal device (BYOD) into the ECC? Do you ever find yourself needing to charge it? Were you ever tempted to plug it into your local computer rather than search for a wall outlet? We live in an interconnected world where convenience, access, and availability are critical elements of a normal lifestyle. Hackers know this and have developed many infiltration techniques to take advantage of how most people use technology. Ever since we moved into the world of computers, this has been so – remember when we used to bring printers from home to have the convenience of not needing to walk to the end of the hall to pick up that printout of sensitive information? And the future promises to be more challenging – gun shot detectors that feed us information from all over the city, traffic sensors that help us plot the fastest way to a crime scene or accident, and even lights we can control remotely. What happens when hackers start attacking these smart city technologies through our vulnerable personal devices? Does BYOD really stand for Bring Your Own Doom?

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Why you should not bring your home printer into the ECC

  • How to safely keep your personal devices charged

  • How personal and professional IoT devices can expose our networks to serious cyber attacks

  • What techniques we can employ to increase our vigilance and avoid our impending Doom

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