Attack Surface Management

For Critical Infrastructure

In today’s rapidly evolving cyber threat environment, maintaining a robust defense against potential breaches requires comprehensive visibility and control over your attack surface. SecuLore’s advanced attack surface management solutions empower you to identify and remediate weaknesses across your network, ensuring continuous protection against emerging threats.

Woman monitors network traffic and data systems.

Reduce Your Cybersecurity Risk

Managed Attack Surface Management

All the benefits, without the workload.

24/7 Network Monitoring
Dedicated Team of Cyber Analysts
100% Visibility Into Network Assets
Agentless, Passive Discovery
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USA States We Cyber-Protect
Incident Response Satisfaction
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100% Asset Discovery

Our patented technology captures raw packet data across every aspect of your network. We’ll take inventory and give you a list of all devices, systems, and applications on the network.

Vulnerability Assessments

We will scan for and evaluate vulnerabilities in all identified devices, systems, and applications. We do this initially and then on a weekly or monthly basis to encompass any changes on the network.

Risk Prioritization

Your IT team will get a list of high-, medium-, and low-priority risks, so they know where to spend their precious time to mitigate risk.

Active Threat Detection

Day or night, our SOC team watches your network for active threats or malicious activity using out-of-the-box and customized alerts.

Continuous Monitoring

Sleep easy knowing that your network is being monitored 24/7/365, without hiring more IT staff.